Revamping PV Modules and DC Cables

Rooftop solar PV plants – Total power 1,52 MWp

Revamping PV Modules and DC Cables

The LT Group, through its subsidiaries LT and LT Enerray, has been operating in the renewable energy field since 2001 offering ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, remote monitoring, diagnostics and performance analysis for rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, with a particular focus on safety issues.

Over the years, the company has grown steadily, focusing its resources on services with greater added value and investing in technology and innovation.

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LT worked on two photovoltaic plants with specific producibility and performance (PR) values lower to the expected standards.


PV Plant 1 - 905 kWp
Annual estimated yield ~ 1.326 kWh/kWp
Real production in 2018 940 kWh/kWp
PR 2018 71 %


PV Plant 2: 622 kWp
Annual estimated yield ~ 1.350 kWh/kWp
Real production in 2018 1.085 kWh/kWp
PR 2018 76 %


From checks carried out in the field, like for example Thermographic analyses, Electrical Insulation tests, IV Curves and Induced Electroluminescence, it was possible to know the cause of the problem in the advanced state of degradation of the photovoltaic modules after only 10 years of operation.

LT has therefore decided to completely replace the photovoltaic modules with Thin Film technology with new Polycrystalline ones, that have stable performance in the long term. The smaller footprint with the same power output (higher conversion efficiency) also allows to reinstall the PV modules in areas best exposed to solar radiation.

The intervention, which also involved the replacement of DC cables, was carried out in the summer of 2019 with the following benefits on the performance of the plants:

PV Plant 1: ΔProduction: + 250 MWh - ΔPR: + 11% 
PV Plant 2: ΔProduction: + 152 MWh - ΔPR: + 13%



Cavi dc prima-dopo

LT, thanks to the experience acquired on over 500 MWp under management and over 100 MWp realized by the same through EPC, Revamping and Retrofitting activities, can carry out specialist analysis on any type of photovoltaic system.

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