We make our skills available to entrepreneurs, investment funds and asset managers.

Innovate in the method of implementing technologies. It is with this logic that LT carries out Research & Development and it is on the basis of these assumptions that LT is able to offer its customers a different service, made up of listening and quality of relationships.

LT is an integrated and reliable partner that allows its customers to raise the quality and performance standard of their plant through an open and constructive dialogue, bringing constant technological and service innovation and adopting clear and transparent success indicators, constantly monitored.

LT combines technical, financial and commercial profiles with many years of experience in the energy sector able to offer "full scope" services throughout the national territory.

01 - EPC

Design, supply of all components and "turnkey" installation

02 - O&M

Management and maintenance for the entire useful life of the plant, offering customized contractual levels of assistance

03 - Revamping & Repowering

Replacement of the main system components to restore / improve performance

what we do

LT is specialized in all types of photovoltaic systems, having a consultant experience both on ground systems, even with tracker technology, and on systems on roofs, greenhouses and canopies.

LT Solutions

our skills - in detail


EPC - Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Quality is a fundamental aspect in the construction of a photovoltaic photovoltaic system of a certain size, which requires significant investments.

LT, with a track record of about 80 MWp of plants installed on industrial roofs and 120 MWp on ground, is the ideal partner who can assist the customer in all phases of the plant's construction, guaranteeing certified components and a work to do so.

Authorization process

Management of administrative procedures with ENEL, GSE and ARERA, with particular reference to the connection process with the Network Manager (TICA). LT can support the Client for the authorization part by providing the contacts of trusted external firms.

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Through an internal design office equipped with technicians with consolidated experience in the sector, we can produce all the documents necessary for the construction of the system, from preliminary drawings to as built (technical reports, plans, single-line diagrams, producibility calculations using PVGIS software).

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Procurement and logistics management for the purchase of all components and services necessary for the correct completion of the photovoltaic system within the established times. We use primary suppliers on the international market in order to guarantee the best relationship between quality, reliability and costs.

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Management of all phases of plant construction through a dedicated project manager, from site management to the installation phases of all components and connection of the system to the electricity grid. We use trusted subcontractors with all the necessary certifications for electromechanical installation operations.

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Commissioning and FAC

We carry out all the tests and inspections necessary to verify the correct operation of the installed components, including in particular the commissioning of the inverter and the checks of the voltage and current levels, of the protection devices and grounding, of the insulation of the electrical circuits, switch-on, switch-off and power failure test of the distributor.

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O&M – Operation & Maintenance

The performance of a plant requires an analysis that begins with the technical means and continues through constant comparison with the needs and availability of the customer, thanks to easily readable technologies and monitoring tools.

This is why we are convinced that the best solution is to act as a strategic consultant, and this is why our maintenance contracts are based on the results obtained in terms of plant performance, a process that is managed in full agreement with the customer, both with respect to the objectives and the ways to achieve them.

LT has invested many resources in its team of photovoltaic engineers and technicians, providing and developing digital tools and proprietary software platforms that could maximize their skills and experience, while offering an even more complete and transparent service to the customer. Our efficiency, our speed of intervention, and our professionalism are born here, through an approach that allows us to make the most of and implement the available technologies where necessary.

Hand Over

Due diligence and technical checks through the use of specific instruments for the verification of the PR and the performance of PV modules and inverters; administrative activities; drafting of the final report with identification of improvement specifications.

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Remote monitoring and supervision 7/7 from our control rooms, through a modular and customized software platform based on customer needs, which allows the control the main parameters of the PV plant.

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In-depth software analysis of the performance through detailed verification of the inverters behavior and the comparison between electricity production, irradiation and clusters of other PV systems with similar characteristics.

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Thermographic analysis of PV modules, DC and AC switchboards and transformers, also carried out with the aid of a drone.

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Ordinary Maintenance

- Planned activities, washing, green management and rat extermination, component guarantees and insurance, including small faults/repairs;

- Measurement and verification activities.

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Extraordinary Maintenance

Activities related to the management of medium, serious and force majeure events, including the development and planning of specialized investigations such as repowering and revamping activities.

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- Anti-theft and anti-intrusion system design; CCTV installation/microwave perimeter system; anti-theft cable installation; camera monitoring; patrols; field guarding (last two up to technical verification in the field);

- Maintenance and calibration of the components of the burglar alarm and CCTV systems;

- TVCC with video-analisys.

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Admin Management

Management of administrative practices with GSE, ENEL and public bodies, on behalf of the customer, guaranteeing assistance if specialist support is required (such as for example in the event of legislative updates or inspections/controls).

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Revamping & Repowering

Many photovoltaic systems installed in Italy begin to have over 10 years of life and, due to degradation of the photovoltaic modules or poor insulation of the cables, have problems of aging and non-optimal production.

LT can assist the customer in finding the most suitable solution to restore the system to its original conditions if not improve them, by proposing higher power modules and / or high efficiency inverters. The space saved usually allows to increase the overall power of the system, further increasing the investment advantage.


Augmented reality in the world of maintenance

LT Care, a repair service for your PV Plant

An integrated approach to increase the performance of PV plants

Injury Goal 0

LT strongly believes that the ZERO ACCIDENTS goal is an achievable goal. In order to pursue this goal, we have based our HSE system on values that allow us to minimize risks by never compromising on safety procedures and devices.

All our Maintenance Technicians have PES/PAV/PEI certificates for work outside and under voltage in LV and MV and are equipped with Individual Protection Devices designed to minimize the electrical risk and the risk of falling from above for the work at height.

May 2022

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